Breitling Breitling for Bentley GT Silver A1336212.A575

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Breitling Breitling for Bentley GT Silver A1336212.A575

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The spotlight is on: an amazing outdoor watch Since its founding in Saint-Imier in 1884, Breitling replica has become synonymous with innovation, precision and performance. The precision, quality and durability of Breitling watches have allowed the brand to establish itself as a world-class technical watch expert.

Breitling is closely related to aviation, military and outdoor activities, and the new Breitling Superocean Heritage watch has a deep relationship with the ocean and is a model.

A hundred years old
Outerknown is a sustainable clothing brand co-founded by surf legend Kelly Slater, who is also a member of the Breitling Surfers Team. This is the third collaboration between the two brands, because the two brands are committed to clean oceans and beaches and sustainable development.

Ensuring healthier and safer planets is very important to Breitling and Outerknown, but these brands also want to create a perfect lifestyle watch, which they achieved with the new Breitling Superocean Heritage ‘57 Outerknown model. With its modern retro design and precision, it is your ultimate companion on the beach or waiting to catch the perfect wave.

Therefore, with the release of the new version, both Breitling and Outerknown are eager to pay tribute to the past while looking forward to a cleaner environment. According to Breitling, the watch expresses “a cool, laid-back lifestyle associated with the surfing scenery in Southern California and Hawaii in the 1950s and 1960s”.replica Audemars Piguet Watches

Breitling CEO Georges Kern said: "We are very pleased to have a strong relationship with Kelly and everyone in Outerknown. Our projects with them go beyond the watchmaking industry. They emphasized Breitling’s commitment to sustainable development. The promise. Of course, we also like the connection with the cool surfing lifestyle, working with the greatest surfer of all time makes this thing even more special!"

The Breitling OuterknownECONYL® yarn NATO strap collection includes vibrant, colorful and interesting straps that enhance the design of the watch and are committed to sustainable development. ECONYL® yarn is made only from recycled nylon waste, some of which are obtained from discarded fishing nets.

Create a super marine heritage '57 outdoor watch
The new Breitling Superocean Heritage ‘57 Outerknown nice Replica watches is available in stainless steel and a limited edition of 500 watches, as well as an 18k rose gold bezel. Both have bronze dials, arrow-shaped pointers, oversized scales and concave bezels.

This watch is inspired by the original 1957 Superocean, with the Outerknown logo engraved on the back. They are also C.O.S.C. certified timepieces, driven by Breitling Calibre 10 (providing a 42-hour power reserve), and equipped with an unknown NATO strap with ECONYL® yarn.

The precision and aesthetics of these watches are perfectly balanced, so you get a timepiece that not only looks good on your wrist, but also performs well no matter where you are. These Breitling foreign parts are perfect for everyday wear, outdoor adventures and even special occasions, and are perfect for those who want to make a statement.

The Unexpected Marine Heritage '57 Outdoor Watch
This stainless steel case has a 42 mm case and a brown Outerknown ECONYL® yarn NATO strap, and has a stunning vintage feel. This watch is comfortable on the wrist, an ideal lifestyle choice, an excellent example of sustainable development, and at the same time provides the performance that Breitling expects.

The reason why this buy Replica watches is most suitable for outdoor activities is its waterproof performance up to 100 meters and the concave bidirectional rotating bezel with super hard scratch-resistant and impact-resistant black ceramic bezel. This means that the watch is durable and can be carried around.

The ceramic bezel also has a luminous center point at 12 o'clock, so that this model can also be used as a diving watch.

The Unexpected Maritime Heritage '57 Outerknown Limited Edition Watch

The limited-release model also has a retro look that makes it unique. The 18k red gold bezel is perfect for those who like to make statements, yet bold and subtle.

The color of the bezel easily complements the bronze dial and the brown ECONYL® yarn NATO strap. The concave bidirectional rotating bezel and black ceramic bezel ring can also be perfectly matched, especially when paired with the 18k rose gold oversized index.Replica watches online shop